Silver Gloves Boxing UK

The Silver Gloves is a white collar boxing organisation that offers free 8 weeks training programs for complete beginners at various gyms across the UK and gives participating boxers the opportunity to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Once boxers have signed up you will been contacted by one of the Silver Gloves Boxing Team to come to the induction meeting and then you will be given training details which will include days and times at the gym you will be training at.

When training begins you will go on a journey where you will get in the best shape of your life while learning the fundamentals of boxing, raising money for charity and meeting new people.

At end of the training program you will be matched against someone from the group you are training with based on similar age, weight, ability and fitness to ensure a fair contest, boxers wear 16oz gloves and head guards for safety reasons. All boxers MUST pass a pre and post fight medical by our professionally trained paramedics to compete on The Silver Gloves Boxing events who are ringside at all times.

You are required to sell tickets for the event, all ticket money goes towards Marketing, Training and setting up costs of the show. Boxers are offered a percentage of ticket sales and can also raise money through sponsorship on just giving or similar fundraising pages for your chosen charity.

The Sliver Gloves Boxing Events have a smart dress code with a zero tolerence to any anti social behaviour.

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